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"I am learning new ways to become healthy"

I am 74 years old and have been an insulin dependent diabetic for over 30 years. I have tried many many diets throughout the years from the standard calorie restriction diet to Atkins and many others with minimal to no success. My downfall has always been sweets and emotional eating.  

Lora gave me a new perspective. I had always been told as a type 2 diabetic that I needed to eat 3 meals a day plus snacks.  That I needed to get most of my calories from carbohydrates. So not true.

Lora guided me to start reducing carbs and eliminating breakfast and I am now eating 2 meals per day and fasting most days 18 hours.

Lora helped me to understand my sugar addiction and how wheat affects my body.  I am learning new ways to become healthy.

Thanks to Lora and her help and support, I no longer take insulin- something the doctors said was impossible! My weight went from 212 lbs to 159 lbs. With the help of Lora and Synergy Wellness Solutions, I know I will reach my goal of coming off all medications.

-Leta Olsen

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"this program is different I've lost twenty-four pounds!"

I have been overweight most of my life. Except for the time in my 20’s when I used diet pills to lose weight. Oh, and the time in my mid 40’s I paid two thousand dollars to a nutritionist for coaching and supplements, only to quickly gain it back and then some after my treatment time was over.


Fast forward a couple years after that. I was invited to join Synergy Wellness Solutions on social media and I figured I’ve got nothing to lose but weight!! Guess what? Lora Campbell aka the Carb Recovery Coach has changed my life. I started my journey on a low carb, no sugar life, added  intermittent fasting and the weight is just coming off. I’m not even exercising yet, and I’ve lost 24 pounds in 4 months.


This is not a quick fix diet, it is a process. Lora has taught me WHAT to eat in lieu of the sugars and starches that were so harmful to my body.  I  have energy, my body no longer aches and I have mental clarity to name just a few of my life changing benefits. Lora’s program is different in the sense that she actually educates you on how what you eat affects your body, and your insulin levels, and your fat retention. I “get it” now. I understand the harm I was doing to my body.  She has always been available for me, walking me through the hard days and celebrating my successes. She truly wants to help people and it shows. I am forever grateful. 

-Laura Ryan

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"This is my new lifestyle"

For years I was overweight and in pain, gaining every year no matter how much I dieted, worked out, and restricted my intake of foods.  A doctor diagnosed me with Insulin Resistance and put me on medication that had nasty side effects but never told me how to eat to reverse it.  I didn't last long on that medication and started researching about it myself.  That's when I saw Lora's invitation to her group called Carb Crushers and my life changed in a major way!  She taught me that I needed to eat in a way that would keep my insulin spikes at a minimum by Intermittent Fasting and following a low carb diet.  In 3 months I lost 22 pounds and 4 inched off my waist!  I feel great!  I have more energy and incredibly, no more Fibromyalgia pain! Lora also taught me how to avoid emotional eating and is so supportive to me and to everyone in the group.  I couldn't have gone on this life changing journey without her help & encouragement.  This is my new lifestyle, NOT a short term diet!  Thank you Lora!

_Debi Lockwood

"I see health and wellness in my future"

I have been Diabetic since 2009 and have been taking insulin for about 1 1/2 years. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes my world fell apart. I was devastated. I felt a failure.

In 2012 I lost 40 lbs and was feeling good but I was pushing myself hard. I was on diet pills and going to the gym with a personal trainer 3 days a week, my dinner consisted of fish and broccoli every dinner, snacking on carrots and ranch dressing every night. Sustaining this lifestyle was just not going to work for this 50 yr old woman. Fast forward 5 yrs to a new husband, a great life and lots of love. Love and a broken body. I had a huge accident where I broke my ankle and collarbone, a year later had rotator cuff surgery, I was feeling like a broken down 56 yr old and just getting older and more broken down. I was on approximately 9 different pills for thyroid, kidney, cholesterol, diabetes, leg cramps and acid reflux/heartburn. Then my nurse practitioner started me on insulin. Down hill was coming faster and faster.


I met Lora in Mexico on vacation at the end of February 2021. My husband and I were at our peak weight at the time. Neither of us had been at that high of a weight and both of us were hating our bodies. When I met Lora and she gave me a small portion of her story on Keto and her healthy lifestyle, I was intrigued.


Our first week home after vacation I told my husband I was going to attempt a time of eating a keto diet. He told me he would assist in any way I needed. That is when we found out some interesting information. We had been eating pretty healthy meals but we were including starches and sugars that were just unnecessary. Our meals started consisting of meat and fresh vegetable only and we were both enjoying it. We found out our snacking cravings at night we’re going away. That’s when we both started to get excited. We were watching documentaries on foods and how our bodies respond to foods. At the end of week 1 we were both ready to make this our new lifestyle. We started making conscious decisions about our food intake. We were no longer snacking on chips and no longer had night time cravings. I was no longer in the kitchen after dinner making cakes. Lucky us, the weather started warming up and we were able to get outside to exercise and use up some of our new found energy. Week 4 on my new lifestyle I am off insulin. I’m loosing inches and I can feel my body firming up. I will be going back for blood tests soon and I hope to reduce the amount of pills I am on. I am so excited for my future. I no longer see a broken down diabetic, I see health and wellness in my future with good sustainable eating habits!

-Gail Wilson