The HOLIDAY HEAVY. 3 things you can do to make it to 2022 without that excess baggage.

The holidays are here again! It's a time to celebrate the season with friends and family. And we WANT to do that. It is healthy and desirable to be a part of all the fun. But we all know that part of the fun is the FOOD. The food the food the food! Oh, and the DRINKS! Festive deliciousness. Cookies, pies, desserts, holiday booze. Family parties, work parties and friend parties.

It seems that everywhere we turn there is food to eat. Most of us feel that this is the MOST challenging time of the year with regard to eating healthy. The average person gains 5 or more pounds of fat between the end of November and the end of the year. How can we make sure we don't? Here are 3 ways we can avoid this fate.

First, please shift your focus from the food to the GATHERING. Focus on the people. The conversations. The connection. Be present and listen. Experience the sounds and sights. If you are mindful and prepare to focus on these things BEFORE you attend an event, you are more likely to stay on track. Set your intention to be present before you go.

Secondly, bring a dish or 2 to an event. Make sure that you have several foods that you can enjoy. If you know the host, you can ask about the dinner menu and decide if the foods being served align with your way of eating. Bring foods that all will enjoy. I usually bring an appetizer, a main dish and sometimes even a dessert. Low carb foods are so delicious, don't be surprised if your dish is enjoyed by all. I know I will not feel deprived when I bring foods that I can enjoy. If you are going out to a restaurant, make sure that you preview the menu and decide what you will order BEFORE going. Planning is always key to staying on track! Have a PLAN before you go. Have a plan!

Finally, let's talk Intermittent Fasting (IF). This is a strategy that works well. Fasting is not a punishment, but a way to balance the excess energy you might be eating. I like to fast before and after going to a party. I will fast at least 20 hours prior, but everyone has their own personal comfort with fasting. If you are new to fasting, this strategy may be more difficult, but for those of us who are well versed in IF, this is a terrific way to prevent our bodies from shifting into fat storage mode. It lowers our insulin level, so even if we eat more we are less likely to STORE the excess as fat.

Simply building awareness of when and how to eat during this season will insulate us from engaging in behaviors that might derail us. We can also surround ourselves with likeminded people who are committed to staying on track this season. Consider joining the MAINTAIN NOT GAIN holiday challenge. Making a choice to stay on track is the first step.

Don't leave your health to chance.

~ The Carb Recovery Coach™

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