Play is important! 2 quick ways to add play to every day!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Play. We think of it as child's play. Heck, even children are being pushed AWAY from play at ever earlier stages in development. That's a shame and will not only negatively impact development, it will degrade the spirit. All work and no play made Johnny a dull boy. I am calling for the end of the glamorization of "busy." That was so 2020.

I am asking you to schedule PLAY into each week, if not daily. It is crucial to your healing journey. Play allows us to relax, to not be concerned with an outcome. We will laugh more easily, and simply slow down and enjoy. This has numerous benefits to our health. It helps us manage stress and lowers cortisol levels. It can reduce blood pressure. Fight or flight hormones calm. Play is necessary. So let's make it a priority.

So how do we add play into our lives? I challenge you to step outdoors (weather permitting) and go play with your doggie. Or, go for a swim with some friends in the local creek. Why not? For something a little more closer to home, how about a quick card game with the kids? Or some YouTube karaoke?

Another simple way to add some play is to host a small gathering. How about a trivia night or a wine tasting. These ARE play. When we are enjoying ourselves, feeling light and are not tied to any timeframe or outcome, this is play.

Now get off your phone and get to playing. Embrace your inner child!

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