I can't go more than 2 hours without eating- how could I even *THINK* about trying Keto?

So you see everyone around you trying a low carb way of eating. They report incredible improvements in energy, mood, reduced hunger and fabulous weight loss! They tell you that many of their chronic health conditions are reversing. You are impressed and intrigued! You think, why not give it a go...... until you remember that you love all your packaged snacks, sugar, chips. You know you CANNOT go more than 2-3 hours before you feel ravenous and NEED to eat. When you imagine having to eliminate these foods from your diet, you panic. You believe there is no way that you could do that. No way. Impossible. So, you stay stuck in your current eating pattern. And continue to feel sad, fat and unwell.

I completely understand. You are addicted to sugar and need your fix every 2 hours. You are fueling your body with sugar and it is a short acting fuel. Sugar and carbs burn quickly, and have you coming back for more. It is the nature of that fuel source. But I am here to tell you that there IS another way. Another fuel source. And it is FAT. And using fat for fuel is like living on a different planet. The rules change. The feelings change. Your LIFE changes. And using fat as your fuel source allows you to NOT feel hungry or crave sugar. For real. For real! I know it sounds too good to be true. I am a former sugar/carb addict who weighed 265 lbs and experienced food cravings almost every moment of every day, and that feeling is now gone. I was not just a few pounds overweight. I was morbidly obeses. So if someone like me can do this, you can too.

What causes sugar and carb cravings? 2 things.


Insulin is a hormone that helps get the sugar that is in our blood into our cells to use for energy.

Insulin is not just something that diabetics have to think about. You have insulin in your body too! Your insulin levels can become too high when you eat a high carb diet.

When you have high insulin levels in your blood, your body responds by sending a hunger signal. Guess what causes high insulin levels? Eating sugar and carbs. Guess what foods keep your insulin levels low? Protein and FAT. Eating protein and fat tells your body to begin burning fat for fuel instead of sugar. And it lowers your insulin levels. And after about 3 short weeks, you will have made the switch and NO LONGER CRAVE SUGAR AND CARBS.

2) Eating sugar and carbs makes you crave sugar and carbs.

You crave WHAT you eat. If you can break this cycle, you will begin to crave other foods. If you eat mostly fat and protein, you begin to desire the very foods that keep your insulin levels low. Once you begin introducing more fat and protein, the gut bacteria that keep you craving sugar begin to die off. And different gut bacteria begin to take over, the kind that love fat and protein. Your gut then will want more fat and protein, and less sugar. And the end result is you will no longer crave the foods that you can't imagine not eating.

You will need only 3 weeks. It takes about 3 weeks to start feeling better. 3 weeks to end the cravings. 3 weeks to effortless weight loss and feeling incredible. 3 weeks until you can disembark from the crazy carb train. And in the meantime, you can pretty much eat as much fat and protein as you want to stay full- there is no calorie restriction. You will NOT be physically hungry. And, when you do crave sugar, there are plenty of sugar-free keto approved treats, snacks and fat bombs that taste DELICIOUS to keep you satisified. You can do this. I am not saying the first 3 weeks will not be hard, but it IS doable when you can eat until satisfied and have no-sugar replacments for your favorite snacks. I promise you this is unlike any other calorie restricted diet you have tried in the past. With a low-carb/ketogenic way of eating, we do NOT count calories. You can eat until full. I promise you that you will not be starving and miserable. This is NOT a semi-starvation diet. You get to eat! Eat until full. It will NOT be like all the other times before. It will NOT be like when you tried Jenny Craig, WW or the like. Where you were just surviving and living life in a constant state of hunger. THIS IS DIFFERENT. This way of eating kills hunger, kills cravings. You won't be hungry, and in 3 short weeks, you won't be craving your carby foods. I swear it.

Give it a try. A beautiful life full of energy, vitality, optimal weight and health awaits. Let me show you how to get started!

~The Carb Recovery Coach™

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