HELP! I've fallen off the keto wagon! 3 ways to get back on the KETO TRAIN!

Have you ever fallen victim to keto relapse? I have. It is common. I have fallen off the keto train back into a sea of carbs. And it flat out sucks. It happens and we are all at risk. No one is safe from this phenomenon. This is an addiction and we must treat it as such. Here is usually how to goes:

We genuinely start with the best of intentions. We acknowledge that sugar, processed foods and grains have an unnatural hold on us. We know that we are addicted to these foods. We get a HIGH from eating them. They are our best friend when times are rough, sad, or unbearable. They are there when we are happy in the form of celebration. So we have wholeheartedly decided that these foods must go!!!! We begin our new keto lifestyle full steam ahead! We find recipes, throw out the carbage that lurks in our pantry and fridge. We join a dedicated support group such as The Carb Recovery Academy. And we slowly start to kick the physical addiction to sugar. We no longer crave it every second, now only rarely. We feel truly FULL for the first time in our lives. Our back pain is GONE. Our skin begins to heal. Our eyes look clear, our brains feel clear. We are living with energy that has eluded us for decades. And IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! We wonder why we ever loved carbs so much. We feel full and satisfied. We believe we will NEVER go back to our old ways. We are so secure in our new lifestyle that we almost feel bulletproof.

Then something happens. That something can be a devastating life event. Someone close to us passes away, we lose a job, go through a divorce. Essentially suffer a severe trauma. Or, something wonderful happens. A wedding, a wonderful vacation or a holiday season comes into our lives. At first, we tell ourselves "I will just have a small treat because it is such a special day!" But often times, that one indulgence is all it takes to get us on the bus back to Carbville. It creeps back in slowly. The day after the fun event, you have another small piece of bread. Then the CRAVINGS!!!! The cravings hit you head on like a Mack truck. Your brain is SCREAMING for a donut and some delicious ice cream. And you fall hard. Day after day you wake up and promise yourself that you will get back on. And day after day, you break your promise. You feel helpless. You can't seem to get back on track. This is addiction my friend. You had removed the physical addiction to carbs, but the MENTAL addiction is lifelong. By introducing carbs into your diet again, the pleasure center of your brain lit up like Vegas. And all the physical aches and pains come right back. Your reflux is back. Your head aches. And you are back in the center of chaos.

So how to get back on? It seems impossible. It is like starting at square 1, but it isn't. That's the good news! Here are 3 ways to get back to your AMAZING Keto lifestyle:

1) Admit to yourself AND your support group that you have fallen off. Write a post detailing your event and what happened. By reaching out to your group, you immediately have a shield around you. By admitting that you are currently struggling, it gets you to a place where you are taking action, not simply playing victim. If need be, reach out for 1:1 support from your health coach.

2) Start fresh like you did before. Clear out your pantry and fridge. Rid your house or any temptations. This is critical. You are in a weak state and likely cannot withstand the bag of dortios in the pantry. Clean sweep. Clean it out and replace with keto friendly foods right away.

3) Make a plan. Meal plan your week. Pre-make some keto dinners, and pre-pack your lunches. Focus on the next 2-3 weeks. Remind yourself that your cravings for carbs returned because you messed with your hormones. You spiked your insulin and this causes an increase in the hunger hormone. But you KNOW that after a week or 2, you will get back there. And you know you can, because you did it once before. You know there will be a few days of pain, but you also know that once you get back to KetoLand- you will feel GREAT again. You can.

And always know that help is just a simple text or PM away. You are never alone in this fight.

You are not beyond hope or help. You can.

~The Carb Recovery Coach™

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