Why a conventional "balanced" diet is a disaster for those of us with insulin resistance!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Why a conventional "balanced" way of eating is plain for those of us with insulin resistance.

Hey all! If you know me you know that I have tried conventional calorie restricted diets to lose weight probably 25 or more times in my life. I HAVE TRIED IT ALL! I felt like I was drowning. I followed the rules to a T. I was motivated and demonstrated the "willpower" of a monk. But after an initial weight loss, I would stall. Stall while eating less than 1000 calories a day, working out twice per day and adding an additional walk. What the hell? I could never understand why it would simply NOT work for me. Now I understand and want to save you the pain and heartache. Many assume it is YOUR fault. They make the assumption that a calories in/out approach is 100% correct, so YOU must be cheating or lying. It is not true and I won't allow another day to pass me by where I feel ashamed or guilty or less than or defective.

So hey, the body is WAY more complicated than we are led to believe. The body has super powerful hormones. And hormones regulate whether we store or accumulate fat. It all comes down to the hormone INSULIN. If your insulin is elevated, it signals the body to store energy as fat REGARDLESS OF CALORIES. If your insulin is low, it signals the fat stores to release stored fat REGARDLESS OF CALORIES.

A high/low insulin state can be perfectly summed up by the following analogy:

A person can earn a mere $20,000 per year but is still able to put money in the bank. Meanwhile, another person can earn $1,000,000 per year and spend it all.

It all comes down behavior. And the "behavior" in this analogy is INSULIN.

If insulin is high, you will "save" fat even if you are eating low calories.

If insulin is low, you will "spend" fat even if you eat more calories.

Once I started caring about what foods stimulated an insulin response vs. how many calories I was eating MY LIFE CHANGED!!! I finally was able to lose fat, and I could eat until I was full also known as satiety.

Low carb is the ONLY way to lose fat for the 88% of Americans who are insulin resistant.

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