Alcohol on a ketogenic lifestyle

So you are living this lifestyle.

And you love it. It is pretty doable. But let's be honest, we all love some drinks. Summer drinks, boat drinks, party drinks, dinner drinks, by the fire drinks, neighbor drinks, girlfriend drinks, nightcap drinks and on and on and on. This blog post is not meant to address WHAT you can drink on keto. This blog post is to educate you about the fuel sources your body uses and the order in which the fuels are used.

First off, alcohol IS a fuel source. Crazy. But yes, it is. The body will burn fuels in the order of MOST to LEAST toxic. This is to keep us from dying. Our body is smart! It will burn fuel in this order:

1) alcohol

2) carbohydrates

3) fats

Too much alcohol will kill you. So your body is smart and will burn this fuel FIRST. So, if burning fat is important to you, know that you will STOP FAT BURNING any time you drink alcohol. EVEN IF IT IS A KETO DRINK. So, yeah. Your liver will be busy and it cannot and will not create ketones while the alcohol is there.

If weight loss is what you are after, think twice about drinking alcohol... even the keto variety. I try to limit it to special occasions. Daily drinking will seriously jack up your weight loss. Many people don't want to hear that their daily indulgence in alcohol is likely the reason for their stall. It can be the last area we want to admit is harming us, because drinking can be such fun and a stress reliever. Man, I get it, I love my hard seltzers and such! If you can, try to engage in other pleasurable and relaxing activities. This knowledge can stink sometimes! Cheers to reducing our drinking behavior- clink!

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