5 reasons that your attempt to live a Keto lifestyle might end up in failure.

I wholeheartedly believe that eating low carb is THE way to live and lose weight. I know this to be true for me. Most people who attempt this way of eating end up losing weight and feeling fantastic. It makes sense because it mimics the way our ancestors ate. They did not subsist on mostly sugar and grains, devoid of most nutrients. They ate meat, vegetables, some fruit and nuts. They did not have doritos, donuts or bread. They surely didn't have processed foods and hyper sweet desserts. Nor did they eat many times per day. However, there are still many people who try this way of eating, and despite losing weight and FEELING full and amazing for the first time in many years (or decades), they still backslide into their old habits and ways of eating. But why? Why would this happen? Let's count the possible reasons why.

1) They see this as a short term diet. They have no intention of sticking with it. They are using keto or low carb as a quick weight loss scheme.

2) They intially enjoyed a MASSIVE weight loss, but after a few weeks it stalled. Many people cannot tolerate the period where the weight loss levels off. They become discouraged and give up after a few weeks. This happens on most "diets" and will happen during your weight loss journey. But some individuals want instant gratificiation and will give up at the first sign of a plateau.

3) They feel it is too hard and restrictive. They start off strong and begin meal planning, cooking and shopping. They make a valiant effort to try some new dishes and enjoy the delicious flavors. But after a few weeks, their effort begins to wane. They are no longer actively meal planning and slowly start to move back to conveinence foods and even fast foods. The lack of planning and effort is their downfall.

4) They really don't understand low carb/keto. They don't get the premise behind this lifestyle. They simply think it means eating "healthy" by old conventional standards. I've encountered folks who tell me "the keto diet isn't working for me." And when I explore this further and ask for their daily food logs, they are eating: nutrigrain bars, cereal and oatmeal! They *think* they are eating heatlhy. They think low carb and the traditional understanding of "healthy" are one in the same. They are not eating low carb. So they fail at it, even though they never really gave it an honest shot in the first place.

5) Lack of social support. I am a former Carby Girl in a Carby World. Our culture reveres food, and especially CARBS. Sugar, bread, candies, desserts. We can't go 3 steps without a rapidly digestible food in our midst. We drive past a multitude of fast food joints and restaurants. All of which have carbs for days. Very few people eat low carb. While more and more are making the conversion, most folks still eat high carb to tune of at least 300 grams of carbs per day. We seem weird, fringe, extreme. Our families think we are going to keel over of a heart attack any minute now, our co-workers give us the side eye, and our friends just want us to eat donuts and have some fruity drinks with them. And *some* of us may even have people who are actively sabotaging our efforts. We are up against some serious challenges. It is just hard to live and eat differently. I am not going to argue with that. So, many of us just cave. But this is an area with we CAN win at. If you do not have support at home or at work, you can join a support group that will help you feel somewhat normal. To see others doing it! To ask the questions you need to ask, to share ideas and recipes as well as you challenges and successes. It is crucial to find a badass group that gets YOU. When you participate in a group of likeminded folks, you significantly raise your chances of success. Being part of an engaged group was the final missing piece that I needed to win and turn this into a lifestyle. Find one and engage. I tend to think that The Carb Recovery Academy might just be that last missing piece. Why not give yourself all the tools you need to succeed? I can help. You just need to take that first step.

~ The Carb Recovery Coach™

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