3 things you can do Today to drive down insulin levels

Insulin is the important hormone that determines whether you store excess energy as fat, or burn it. It really is a big deal! Those of us who have tried calorie restriction time and time again only to find that it does not work- we are the ones who are likely to have a hormonal dysregulation that has us stuck in fat storage mode. We need to get out and break free into the land of LOW INSULIN. But how?

Here are 3 quick tips to get you started. 1) Make sure you eat foods that do not stimulate insulin to a great degree. Fats have very little effect on insulin, so make this macro your hero! Fat is safe to eat and will make you feel great. Eat animal and plant fats, but stay away from man made fats. The macro that you need to severely reduce is CARBS. Carbs stimulate a big insulin response. Avoid all sugar, grains, starchy veges and most fruits. Protein does stimulate a small insulin response, but we all need protein, so get what you need! 2) Give eating a break. Consider intermittent fasting and/or eliminate snacks. The longer you go without eating, the quicker your insulin levels will come down. 3) Reduce stress. Easier said than done, right!?! But it is worth targeting as stress causes the release of cortisol, and cortisol raises insulin. So, take it easy out there kids!

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