3 reasons why you fail every time.

There are unlimited resources on how to lose weight out there. Your neighbor will chat with you about her latest plan. A quick Google search will uncover a vast array of diets, pills and potions all promising easy weight loss. Your doctor may recommend Weight Watchers or another similar program. Your co-worker swears by low fat. Your best friend went plant-based Vegan. But the sad fact remains that over 90% of people who set out to lose weight end up failing. And that is a soul crushing statistic.

But why? It makes little sense. There is such societal pressure to look good. There is unquestionable evidence that being obese and even overweight leads to major negative health outcomes. What gives? Are people less motivated or lazier now in 2021 as compared to1960? Is the problem our environment? Our families? Our food? What is causing the overwhelming and soul crushing failure? A 5% long-term success rate is beyond pathetic. How can ensure that YOU be part of that 5%?

Let's discuss 3 BIG reasons why you may be failing.

1) You're not eating an ancestrally appropriate diet. We humans evolved over millions of years eating a particular way. We ate meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and some dairy. We ate mostly protein and fat and very little carbohydrate. This is how primal humans ate. Many may not like it or agree with this way of eating, but the fact remains that this is what we ate. It was not until very recently that humans began to eat a highly processed high carb diet- and it shows. Most people who eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) are overweight. 88% of us. If we return to a way of eating that our bodies recognize, we will set ourselves up for success. Eating an ancestrally appropriate diet is superior to calorie restriction in every way. It focuses on nutrient density and food quality. It eliminates the foods that cause an insulin response. And our bodies respond by losing fat. One BIG reason why you can't lose weight is that you are following the same ol' tired weight loss routine- CALORIE RESTRICTION. Calorie restriction sucks and does not work long term. This has been proven to fail in study after study AND in real life- just take a look around you. Everyone is fat. Since we began eating a high carb diet, low fat diet in the 1970's- we have only gotten fatter and fatter and fatter. Eat a diet high in good fats and protein and reduces sugar and refined grains.

2) You don't BELIEVE that you can ever really lose weight and keep it off long term. Read that AGAIN. You don't BELIEVE that you can. You don't BELIEVE that you can.

This is called a LIMITING BELIEF. We have all developed beliefs about ourselves, some are positive and some are negative and hold us back. Our beliefs about ourselves keep us in boxes. I am *THIS* and I am not *THAT*. Here is why limiting beliefs are so powerful: They will 100% keep us stuck in failure. If you BELIEVE that you will fail, you 100% will fail. If you BELIEVE that you cannot do something, YOU WILL FAIL. Take a moment and really think about it. Do you BELIEVE that you can really lose weight for good AND keep it off for the rest of your life? If your answer is no, you've got a MAJOR limiting belief about yourself that lives in your head and serves to sabotage your every effort.

Even if you are eating an ancestrally appropriate diet, your limiting belief that it is impossible to ever maintain this way of life, is a deal breaker. If you believe you can do a thing or you can't do a thing, you're right ~ Henry Ford.

You must explore your limiting beliefs and change them. You are doomed to fail if you don't get your thoughts right!

3) You go at it alone.

Changing how you eat, your mindset and behaviors is incredibly challenging. Most weight loss programs only focus on changing how you eat, not how you think and act. You need to change both. And trying to do this alone makes it all the more difficult. You are asking yourself to make one of the biggest changes imaginable, but most programs offer little to no social support. Having group support is crucial to success, for any change you desire. When you have social support, you have built in accountability. You have others you can turn to when you're struggling. You have others that are modeling behavior that you are striving to achieve. You get to see others who have made the change that you are trying to make. You have people around you. Any time you participate in a group, your chances of success increase dramatically. Make sure you insulate yourself by adding group support and a knowledgeable guide, which can be in the form of a health coach or other mentor.

When you have all 3 of these- your chance of success is great.

You can

You can

You can

Believe that you can. No one is beyond help. You are not alone unless you choose to be.

~The Carb Recovery Coach™

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