Food Knolling

How I Can Help You

3 Week Jump Start Mini Program

You will learn how to choose the right foods that align with the proper human way of eating and begin to develop healthy emotional management tools so you can achieve optimal health and wellness. 

12 Week Intensive Program

You will learn how to choose the right foods that align with the proper human way of eating.  You will build solid emotional management tools and break free from your physical and emotional dependence on sugar and refined carbs.  This program is more intense to ensure you have developed a solid foundation upon which to build a successful long-term lifestyle!

Already completed one of our programs? Keep up with your progress with our Maintenance Programs!

For Graduates of the 3 of 12-week programs

6 months in duration

(2) thirty minute 1:1 health coaching sessions per month

Weekly emails/check ins

Exclusive Access to The Carb Recovery Academy for 6 months

A la Carte Services

Pantry Purge

I will walk you through the overwhelming task of deciding which foods stay and which get kicked to the curb.  I will be by your side and guide you every step of the way. We will rid your kitchen of all the addictive carbs and leave you a space that is primed for success!

Bag of Groceries
Grocery Grab

I will assist you, on-site, with your grocery shopping (local to 60585) I will help you modify your shopping style so that you develop the skills to differentiate the healthy foods from the foods that are not optimal. This includes learning how to read labels and education in how to purchase the right foods that align with the proper way of eating.

Online Class
1:1 Coaching

With one-on-one coaching, you will learn how to take the steps to finally transform into the healthy and vibrant person you were meant to be! We will delve deep into your self-limiting beliefs, personal situation and understanding of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. 



An Exclusive Membership Group

You NEED a support group to keep you ON TRACK.  Daily support is necessary for you to learn new skills and to ensure LIFELONG success.  Accountability is key.  This group delivers all that and more for a fraction of what you would pay for 1:1 health coaching sessions!


Get Exclusive Access to our private VIP Facebook group!

Virtual support group comprised of strong women who will welcome and encourage YOU!

Daily activities to assist you in developing strong emotional management tools

Education in the Low Carb way of eating

Weekly Live broadcasts delivered by The Carb Recovery Coach™

Weekly live Q&A sessions “Ask the Carb Recovery Coach!™”

Easy Email Access

Daily motivation and accountability

Friendly Competitions

Discounted 1:1 health coaching sessions

Local Events

Quarterly prizes and giveaways!

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