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"It's not the weight you lose, it's the life you gain"


I have always struggled with my weight. ALWAYS.

In my 20’s I suffered from infertility and polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.  Next was the diagnosis of autoimmune Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease. The hits just kept coming! The only good thing that came from my infertility struggles was the birth of my triplets! 

Throughout my 30’s and early 40’s, I continued to struggle with my weight and my health. My diet was typical of what most other Americans ate.  Grain heavy, sugar heavy, processed foods and diet sodas.  I felt awful and exhausted most days, but in my mid 40’s I took a turn for the worse.  I became severely fatigued on a daily basis, ached all over and started to suffer from increased social anxiety.  I could not function unless I took a nap.  I felt so incredibly ill that I KNEW I had to change something or be destined for a life of misery and Type 2 diabetes. 

I had always approached weight loss by following the conventional “low-fat calorie-restricted” diet recommendations. I would keep trying them again and again, even though I always eventually failed. MOVE MORE, EAT LESS did not work!  But it was the only way I had ever been taught to lose weight. 

After 25+ attempts using calorie restriction, I finally wised up. I needed to find a new solution that actually WORKED. I became open to radically different paradigms that challenged conventional wisdom. I was intrigued when I learned about a way of eating that did not involve obsessively counting calories and was essentially the OPPOSITE of what I had been taught about how to lose weight.  It was a way of eating that involved choosing foods that align with what our ancestors would have eaten. It emphasized real food such as meat and vegetables and healthy fats, not processed and packaged garbage. What made it different was that it worked by manipulating and balancing hormones, driving down insulin levels so that the body releases stored fat, and providing stable energy levels, reducing hunger and cravings.


What if the standard American diet of today is the true “fad diet?” After all, humans have only been eating sugar and grains for a relatively short period of time in history.  What if we went back to eating and living in the Primal tradition? Eating REAL foods (including so-called “taboo” foods such as saturated fat and meat?) Foods that have been around for hundreds of thousands of years? What if?

Take the next step and learn a NEW way! One that actually works with your body's physiology. 

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