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What is a Carb Recovery Coach™? 

I describe myself as a recovering carb and sugar “addict."  I was dependent on these substances to give me comfort and take me away from unpleasant emotions.  Sugar, grains and refined carbs caused physical damage to my body, and I am recovering from that damage.  I used these foods as a coping mechanism to deal with my daily stressors, and I became emotionally dependent on them. 


You are here because you are experiencing the same struggles I did. I have been where you are right now and KNOW how to get you through it and beyond!

As YOUR Carb Recovery Coach™, I will guide you through this recovery.  Help you recover from the damage that grains, sugars and refined carbs have done to your body and mind. I will guide you to make proper food choices that will reduce cravings and help you get your energy back. Get to a healthy weight. We will identify behaviors that are sabotaging so you can finally break free!

You can, let me show you how.  A truly optimal life awaits! 

  • improved energy

  • effortless fat loss

  • reduced cravings

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  • confidence 

  • improved mood

  • mental clarity

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Welcome to

Synergy Wellness Solutions

with the Carb Recovery Coach™

I am on a mission to help women who struggle with a dependence on carbs and sugar break free and get their health back so they can live a truly optimal life!


transformation begins with the decision to take the first step

I'm Lora Campbell

I help women who struggle with physical and psychological addiction to sugar and carbohydrates overcome that addiction and achieve an optimal body composition. I guide my clients to the proper way of eating in the primal tradition. This effectively breaks the physical addiction to sugar. Meanwhile tackling the complex issue of mental food addiction.

I discovered the synergistic effect of combining the proper human way of eating with proper emotional management tools, A focus on functional fitness, mindfulness, sleep and stress management to FINALLY achieve optimal health.  We need to target all of the components in order to have success.  I suffered for decades with the wrong information on the proper human way of eating. I learned that the current nutritional guidelines are a serious threat to our health and waistline, and part of the reason I could never succeed in losing fat. I learned that even if one eats the proper diet, that alone will not cure the psychological addiction to certain foods.  I help women who are like me find their way through and achieve lasting success. 

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Do you have an unhealthy dependence on sugar and carbs?

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Will you take the first step?

I know. You struggle with your weight and overall health and realize you need to make changes, but you’re stuck.  You’ve tried it all before and feel like you can’t muster the strength to try one more time.  Why try when it always ends up in failure? I feel you, I was you!


I have been right where you are and know what you are going through.  You feel like food has control over you. It is NOT your fault.  We have been led to believe that eating a high carb diet is healthy.  I can tell you it isn’t. You are likely eating the wrong foods which has led to hormone imbalance.   Following dietary guidelines has failed you. Because of the continual intake of sugar and refined carb foods, you have likely become dependent on them.  Following the standard diet advice will fail you again, because it doesn’t work. My synergistic program teaches you to choose the proper foods which allow your body to detox from sugar in as little as three weeks.  What sets this program apart is we also address your EMOTIONAL dependence on sugar and create new opportunities for you to change behaviors and use alternative coping strategies. 

Emotional dependency to sugar and refined carbs is powerful and can leave you feeling helpless.  For me, I realized that I not only needed to eat in a different way, but I also needed to develop new habits and stop using sugar to cope with sadness, anger or boredom. The final step that I needed was the DAILY SUPPORT OF A GROUP. I needed to be reminded daily that this was my priority. So, I created a virtual support group.  A soft place to land- a strong group of women who support each other and work together to encourage and learn.  Learn how to recover from carbs, learn how to live life in a different way.  The group is critical for long term success.


I invite you to become part of our tribe by joining the exclusive group:




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